The History of a Pilsner

When it comes to an easy-drinking, refreshing beer to enjoy on a hot summer day in Jeffersonville, you can’t go wrong with a Pilsner. Pilsners are some of the lightest craft beers that you can find, but that doesn’t mean they were easy to make. A Pilsner must have a perfect balance of body, sweetness, bitterness, and spiciness that makes this beer smooth and easy to fall in love with.

When you visit Harbor and Hops, you’ll find an amazing selection of delicious craft beers on tap. In today’s blog post, this Jeffersonville taphouse will give you a bit of history about the infamous Pilsner. These light beers are a great place to start if you’re new to the craft beer world. Keep reading to learn more about Pilsners, and stop by Harbor and Hops in Jeffersonville to enjoy a pint today!

What Is a Pilsner?

Before we dive into the details of a Pilsner, it’s important to note that every craft beer is made with the same four main ingredients: malt, yeast, hops, and water. The specific flavors of each beer require different amounts of these ingredients, and of course, some additional ingredients for added and unique flavors. 

The first Pilsner was created by a brewer in Czechoslovakia. By utilizing a kilning technique during the brewing process, he was able to make a lightly colored malt and create new lager yeasts. Pilsners are pale golden and light in color, and they have a perfect balance of malt and hops — making them the perfect mix of refreshing, complex, and easy to drink. A classic Pilsner is made with light Pilsner malt, Saaz and Hallertau noble hops, and a bottom-fermenting Pilsner yeast, and typically has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 4.2% to 5.8%.

Where Did the Pilsner Originate?

The first Pilsner was first brewed in a town called Pilsen. When drinking citizens revolted because of the poor quality of their beer, they poured 36 kegs into the streets in front of city hall and decided to start from scratch, building a brand new brewery and hiring a new brewer — Josef Groll. Groll learned about brewing from his father, who operated a brewery all throughout his childhood. When Groll succeeded in kilning a pale malt, adding the Saaz noble hop, the bottom-fermenting lager yeast, and local water, he was able to produce a pale, clear, and crisp Pilsner. 

Josef Groll unveiled the first-ever Pilsner beer to the citizens of Pilsen on October 4th, 1842, and it became an immediate sensation that spread across the border and eventually became popular around the world.

Easy to Drink, Hard to Brew

While Pilsners may be one of the easiest craft beers to drink and enjoy, brewers agree that these beers can be more difficult to brew than most other craft beer styles. Not only does the process of brewing a Pilsner take longer, but lager yeasts are more temperamental than ale yeasts. There is a need for attention to detail and less room to cover any errors. Many brewers enjoy the challenge however, putting their love and passion for craft beer into the spotlight when they are creating this crisp and clean brew.

Food Pairings

Pilsners are a great addition to just about any meal, but they specifically stand out when paired with fish, chicken, or a light meal like a salad. They also are great with white cheddar, and for dessert — shortbread cookies. Think light and simple when you’re pairing a meal with your easy-to-enjoy Pilsner. At Harbor and Hops, we have great food to go along with your delicious taphouse experience. Some of our menu items that would be great to pair with a Pilsner include:

  • White Queso With Tortilla Chips
  • Kale Lemon Salad
  • Chicken Avocado Club Sandwich
  • Blackened Cod Dinner

Stop by our Jeffersonville restaurant and taphouse to enjoy a great meal paired with your perfect Pilsner today.

Visit Harbor and Hops to Enjoy a Craft Pilsner Today

Whether you’re a novice in the craft beer industry or an expert, we know that you’ll enjoy the clean, crisp, and refreshing taste that you’ll get when you enjoy a Pilsner at the end of a long day. Don’t be afraid to talk to your bartender or server about our huge selection of over 100 craft beers that we have available — we want to help you fall in love with craft beer the way that we have! Make sure you come hungry, too. Our menu options pair great with a delicious beer, whether you’re looking for snacks or a complete meal.

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