Can we just say it? Who cares what our story is? If we’re truly all about the community, we shouldn’t even have a website page that features us or highlights the company’s history. But if we must — if it makes you feel more comfortable and welcome (because that’s all that really matters), we’ll divulge a bit and boast a little… 

Locally owned and operated by the Brown family we opened the doors of our little restaurant and tap house with the sole intention of being a family-friendly place where all are welcome at our table. From our outdoor fire-pits to our expansive dining room and welcoming bar area, every inch of our establishment was designed to give friends, families, coworkers, and acquaintances a place to gather in a welcoming environment where a craft beer enthusiast and a church group can hang out, side by side. 

You won’t find any corporate pretentiousness here however, we are a Family Owned Restaurant led by Mike Brown, and husband and wife: Greg and Laura Brown. Members in and of their community.

Seeking the independence to provide the type of experience their family envisioned for their guests meant stepping out in faith and transitioning away from a corporate partner.

The result is our safe harbor we built at Harbor and Hops. Your oasis for family. Embraced by our  local community our friends and neighbors are the secret to our success. 

From the beer curious to experienced connoisseurs, we enjoy helping people find their palate and new flavors.  We are beer enthusiasts not beer snobs.  If you are new to the craft beer scene you will feel right at home, We love turning people on to new tastes they might not have thought of.  We will always serve sensibly, treating every beer enthusiast to the best brews while keeping our vibe open to the youngest members of your family. 

Come in. Get to know the servers, greet the staff and meet “The Captain,” the “Cowgirl,” and our in-house “Culinary Super-Ninja,” all while enjoying a new favorite twist on a classic menu item. Oh, and go ahead and bring your doggos. We’re big fans of furry friends and have a special treat ready for your well-behaved pups.

Whether you’re celebrating a family birthday or helping fund a community cause through one of our many fundraisers, we hope you enjoy your time here, where Cold Beer, Hot Food, and Warm Hearts are always easy to find.