How to Support Restaurants Through COVID-19

During the last few months as COVID-19 has shut down entire countries, one of the hardest hit industries is the restaurant industry. Not only did shutting the doors of restaurants all over the country render waitstaff and cooks unemployed, but it also made it difficult for restaurant owners to pay their bills — making the hope of reopening their doors one day slim. 

Now, as many restaurants are re-opening and getting used to new social distancing policies, it’s important to understand how you, as a consumer, can support these businesses. In many cases, local restaurants are full of love and a passion for food while being family-owned and operated. Many restaurant owners invest not only their time, but boatloads of money into opening a restaurant as well. Supporting your favorite local restaurant through these trying times is a great way to keep the doors open so you can keep enjoying some of your favorite foods.

At Harbor & Hops in Jeffersonville, we are adjusting to new social distancing policies, while welcoming all of our guests for dine-in and carryout services alike! Stop by, give us a call, or check out our menu online to put dinner on the table for you and your family tonight. 

Order Take-Out or Delivery

If your favorite restaurant had to close its doors over the last few months because of COVID, it’s important to continue ordering from them as much as you can for take-out or delivery services! Take-out is usually your best option because delivery services can cost the restaurant. By taking the time to drive to the restaurant and pick up your order, you can support your favorite local joint and contribute to keeping their doors open.

Buy Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards to your favorite local restaurants is a great way to help them generate income — even if you’re just grabbing a gift card for yourself to use later once the dining room has fully reopened. Grab a gift card for your friends and family to Harbor & Hops in Jeffersonville today! We look forward to serving you in-house again!

A gift card makes a great birthday present, anniversary gift, and more! While eating out may not be the same as it used to be, it’s still a great way for your friends and family to come together over a delicious meal — even if you’re picking it up and eating at the park! Give the gift of delicious food from Harbor & Hops today.

Share the Love

Is your favorite restaurant struggling right now because of the effect that COVID-19 has had on our nation? Word-of-mouth is one of the greatest marketing tactics of all time, and it’s an easy way to help restaurants stay afloat! 

Snap a picture of your favorite meal after you pick up your order, and share it all over social media! A great picture of delicious food can go a long way. Want to go the extra mile? Get online and write a review. Reviews are a great way for restaurants to build an outstanding reputation. The more positive reviews, the more likely a restaurant is to succeed.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about Harbor & Hops in Jeffersonville! We’re open for dine-in, socially distanced seating, and curbside pickup. Grab dinner with us tonight and tell your friends about your awesome experience.

Visit Harbor & Hops for Great Food and Delicious Beer!

Our crew at Harbor & Hops in Jeffersonville is ecstatic to be opening our doors to the public again! While we are practicing strict social distancing in our dining room, our patio is also open for your enjoyment. It’s a great day to enjoy some crispy brussel sprouts, harbor nachos, Guinness fish and chips, and more! 

Did we mention the beer, too? Offering a whopping variety of 86 beers, we know you’ll find a refreshing beverage that you love. Stop by for a delicious assortment of refreshing blonde or pale ales, or go heavy with a Guinness or Untitled Art Honey Stout. Curious about all of the beers we have to offer? Check out our complete list before you visit!

Our management and staff at Harbor & Hops wants to thank our loyal customers for supporting and sticking with us through these unprecedented times. We can’t wait to see your faces when you come in to eat with us again!