Cold Weather Beers to Enjoy This Winter

The onset of colder weather throughout Jeffersonville may make you feel like prime beer-drinking season has come to an end. Maybe as the seasons change, you feel it’s time to make the switch to whiskey or wine as your beverage of choice until summer comes around again and you can enjoy a crisp and refreshing IPA. At Harbor and Hops, we’re here to tell you about some delicious beers that you can enjoy during the cold winter months if whiskey, wine, rum, and brandy aren’t for you.

Stop by Harbor & Hops in Jeffersonville to try some of our amazing beers on tap and delicious food specials! We’re still serving up enticing eats for both dine-in and carry-out. If you’re looking for a great meal and a fun night away from home, make Harbor & Hops your go-to Jeffersonville restaurant and taphouse.

Porters & Stouts

Porters and stouts are great options when the weather gets colder and beer-drinking moves indoors. There’s nothing quite like a bold, chocolatey stout in front of the fireplace on a snowy night. Coffee-flavored porters make great after-dinner drinks, paired with your favorite rich dessert. 

At Harbor & Hops, we have a wide selection of porters and stouts for you to enjoy. From a more traditional and ever-popular Guinness Draught on nitro, to a rich and creamy Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, we know you’re sure to find one that you love from our Jeffersonville taphouse. Some of the others we are currently offering include:

  • Against the Grain 70k Imperial Stout
  • Bell’s Double Cream Stout Nitro
  • Dogfish Head Campfire Amplifier Sweet Stout
  • Heavy Seas Blackbeard’s Breakfast American Porter
  • Yuengling Hersey’s Chocolate Porter
  • And more!

Pumpkin & Christmas Ales

Ringing in the holiday season with a ginger- or pumpkin-spiced ale can make the difference between and a good and a great family gathering. Just the aromatic spices alone in these brews can entice your palate and keep you coming back for more. There is something about a smooth ale with flavors of pumpkin, ginger, and/or honey that pair perfectly with a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas ham. 

When you visit us at Harbor & Hops in Jeffersonville, be sure to try out Fat Heads Holly Jolly Christmas Ale, Great Lakes Christmas Ale, or the Revolution Fistmas Holiday Ale. These brews are sure to put you in the spirit and are perfect during the winter months and holidays!

Hard Ciders

Just as the pumpkin and ginger flavors of Christmas ales can enhance your holiday spirit, hard apple ciders, while technically not a beer, are perfect throughout the fall and winter because they bring flavors of apples, pears, cinnamon, and even sometimes nutmeg — winter flavors that everyone enjoys. Pair your cider with apple pie, fresh cinnamon donuts, and more! 

At Harbor & Hops, we offer a few different hard ciders for you to choose from, including:

  • Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider
  • Ash & Elm Autumn Tide Cider
  • Downeast Cider House Winter Blend
  • J.K.’s Cuvée Winterruption Farmhouse Hard Cider
  • Vandermill Totally Roasted Cider
  • And more!

Stop by Harbor & Hops in Jeffersonville Today!

Are you ready to expand your beer drinking prowess with some new flavors this winter? Leave the blonde ales, pilsners, and citrusy IPAs behind and dive into some stouts, porters, christmas ales, and hard ciders this winter and throughout the holidays. Colder weather doesn’t mean that you have to scratch craft brews off of your list of beverage choices. In fact, it’s a perfect time to try new flavors and styles from breweries all over the country. Stop by your favorite Jeffersonville taphouse, Harbor & Hops, today and enjoy a delicious meal and a huge selection of amazing craft beers!