5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Craft Beer

If you haven’t jumped on the craft beer bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? At Harbor and Hops in Jeffersonville, we take pride in being a taphouse that offers a wide variety of craft beers from all over the country. We are driven by our passion for high-quality craft beer, and we hope that you’ll stop by to visit and give craft beer the attention it deserves.

In today’s blog from Harbor and Hops, we’ll touch on just five of the best reasons why you should be drinking craft beer if you’re not already. While there are many, many reasons — these five are at the top! If you’ve already been enjoying the bold and delicious flavors of different craft beers, stop by and see us at Harbor and Hops in Jeffersonville to enjoy a cold one with us today.

Better Taste

The amazing taste of different craft beers should be reason enough for you to make the switch to craft beer drinking. These brews have a much richer and more distinct flavor than watery, mass produced beers. Many brewers across the country are passionate about the flavor of the beers they produce, taking extra time and a lot of energy in creating a high-quality, flavorful beer for us to enjoy. 

More Variety

Another great reason to start enjoying more craft beer is the variety of flavors you have to choose from. From pilsners to ambers, spicy lagers, or fruit-flavored sours, you’re bound to find something that tickles your palate more than a flavorless bottle of who-knows-what brand. There are some craft beer breweries that focus solely on one type of beer like pilsners or sours, but many like to try different varieties of stouts, porters, ambers, more. If you’re interested in learning more about Pilsners and where they originated, be sure to check out our previous blog post: The History of a Pilsner

Are you a fan of spice? All the rage these days are spicy beers, brewed with jalapeños, habaneros, green chilis, or other spicy peppers. Take a risk and try these out if you dare!

More Alcohol

This reason speaks for itself. While many of those mass-produced beers stick to their 3.4% ABV, many craft beers can range from 6% ABV all the way up to 12% ABV or more. The moral here is that you’re getting much more bang for your buck. At Harbor and Hops, we don’t even think we need to mention any more reasons to enjoy craft beer over mass-produced beers, but we’ll keep going. If you’re interested in tasting any of this high-ABV craft beers that we have in our taphouse, stop by Harbor and Hops today and talk to your server or bartender about all the amazing flavors we have to offer!

Seasonal Flavors

Do the bottles you’ve been drinking until now change flavor with the seasons? We didn’t think so. When you start enjoying craft beers, you can enjoy different flavors as the seasons change. You’re not necessarily going to want a cold, crisp beer on a cold, snowy winter day. Winter evenings are perfect for stouts and porters. Additionally, as summer turns into fall, you may want to explore your pumpkin ales or ambers. Save the citrusy IPAs for summertime and the crisp, refreshing lagers for the start of spring. 

Support Your Local Economy

Last, but definitely not least, is that when you start consuming craft beers, you’re more than likely supporting a local brewer that could very well be your next-door neighbor. There’s nothing better than supporting your local community, economy, and small business owners. Before you buy your next 6-pack of watery, mass-produced beer, do a little research and see if you can find a local brewer or brewery with some amazing new craft beers that you can check out.

Stop by Harbor and Hops Today

Hopefully by now we’ve convinced you that it’s time to make the switch to craft beer. At Harbor and Hops in Jeffersonville, we have a huge selection of beers on tap from breweries all over the country. Stop by our taphouse today and talk to your bartender to learn more about the options and try a few for yourself!